Wendy and Peter Pan

Wendy and Peter Pan

The Lyceum’s Christmas production of ‘Wendy and Peter Pan’ is heart warming, funny, with elements of pantomime (but not too overdramatized).

The first half of the show follows the traditional storyline of Peter Pan with Peter, John and Michael wanting to do nothing but play games and fight after arriving in Neverland. But there is a twist, with a third brother, Tom, added to the story. Wendy is forced to look after her mischievous brothers and Peter as they ignore her attempts to try and find her missing brother. However there is a power change in the second act as the three leading females Wendy, the gallus Tink, and feisty Tiger Lily take control and break down the toxic gender stereotypes that are reinforced in the original story of Peter Pan.

The cast are all very charismatic and play the roles perfectly, the set is used wonderfully to depict Neverland, along with the stunning use of lighting and of course flying! ‘Wendy and Peter Pan’ is guaranteed to make you laugh and get you in the Christmas spirit!

This is a brilliant example of taking a traditional story with a problematic storyline and altering it so that young people will not be brought up with gender stereotypes embedded in their minds from a young age. This is especially significant as 2018 is the year of young people.

This performance will appeal not just to young children, but also parents and older children/teenagers, making this a definitive family show that is thoroughly enjoyable for all ages.

4 Stars  ★★★★

Rehearsals for Wendy and Peter Pan


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Running time: 2 hours and 20 minutes, including a 20-minute interval.


Wendy and Peter Pan




Plus +

  • Gorgeous Set
  • Gender Role Reversals
  • Superb Cast

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Angie (Angelica) Petherick is a student studying Film and English at Napier University, and is from, and based in, Edinburgh. She performed in a two-week 5-star professional stage production in 2016, has sold several of her paintings, and works as a volunteer for Shelter.

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