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5 new monologues by Rona Munro on YouTube




  • Featuring the Donny’s Brain cast
  • The first monologue will be available to watch on YouTube from 7.30PM tonight (Wed 15 April) – the original time and date of Donny’s Brain’s press performance
  • All pieces will be available to watch on demand and free of charge until 9PM on Sat 2 May

At this uncertain and stressful time, the Traverse Theatre is pleased to be able to offer our loyal audiences, and those further afield, an opportunity for entertainment and a brief distraction from ongoing events with the presentation of five new short works created and performed by the Donny’s Brain creative team and cast.

Following the sad but necessary cancellation of the highly anticipated world premiere of Donny’s Brain at the Traverse, playwright Rona Munro, director Caitlin Skinner and the production’s cast and creative team have created five brand new monologues, which will be made available throughout this week to mark what would have been the opening week of the production.

The monologues will be made available on the Traverse Theatre’s YouTube channel ( at 7.30pm for five consecutive nights, beginning on Wednesday 15 April – the time at which the press performance of Donny’s Brain should have taken place.

All of the monologues, once they have premiered, will be available to watch on demand and free of charge until 9pm on Saturday 2 May – the time at which the final performance of Donny’s Brain would have ended.

Donny's Brain - read through image Traverse Theatre

Donny's Brain - read through at Traverse Theatre

About Five From Inside

 Each member of the production’s cast suggested characters and scenarios which they were keen to explore via a company WhatsApp, and pieces were scripted by Rona based on these suggestions. Each monologue was then filmed under lockdown conditions in the actors’ own homes on phone cameras, directed remotely by Caitlin with input from designer, Becky Minto.

  • JACOB (Bhav Joshi) needs to get answers from Ali, the younger brother he’s always despised, and who might be the only person who can help him now. [Wed 15 April]
  • FERN (Lauren Grace) is battling a unique and colourful addiction. [Thu 16 April]
  • MR BUBBLES (Michael Dylan), an award-winning children’s TV entertainer, has just had a very public bust-up with his sidekick Fairy Fingerling and now his whole career is on the line. [Fri 17 April]
  • SIOBHAN (Roanna Davidson) has achieved her greatest success after her toothbrush design wins a coveted award. But she wasn’t invited to the awards ceremony... [Sat 18 April]
  • CLEMMY (Suzanne Magowan) has some really good, absolutely excellent news to tell her daughter – or is it a secret? [Sun 19 April]

Linda Crooks, Traverse Theatre Executive Producer, said:

The Traverse exists to create new plays for audiences who are hungry for fresh, original storytelling. We were devastated to have to cancel Rona Munro’s Donny’s Brain, which we were so excited to bring to audiences – and now we are hugely grateful to its indomitable, enthusiastic and innovative team that we are still able to share these new stories, and give the brilliant company a chance to entertain all those who were looking forward to the show. This is the first activity we are launching since having had to close our theatre doors, but there is plenty more to come. Our virtual doors are open and while the Traverse may be offstage, we’re most definitely not offline.”

Rona Munro, writer, said:

“Absolutely nothing can replace live theatre, there is nothing like it. These monologues can’t substitute for what an audience might have experienced. They would have been sitting together in an auditorium, hearing communal reactions, live, seeing actors respond to the energy every audience brings to every piece of theatre. None of us can enjoy that precious experience again until the time, hopefully soon, when it’s safe to gather again. 

But we had a wonderful rehearsal room. We were a wonderful team. I was so inspired by these amazing actors and seeing what they did with my words. Hopefully a wee flavour of that has been communicated for you to share.”

Caitlin Skinner, director, said: 

“Usually ’the show must go on’ is a mantra we live and breathe in theatre. You just never cancel! So these short plays came from our moment of uncertainty when it was becoming clear that our show, like many others, wouldn’t go on this time. They are little gifts we initially made for ourselves to stay connected and to keep us going in the meantime. And to keep that connection going, it is so right that we share them with you as you get on with your 'in the meantime’ too.” 


 Times and dates monologues will be available on

  1. JACOB – Wed 15 April, 7.30pm
  2. FERN – Thu 16 April, 7.30pm
  3. MR BUBBLES – Fri 17 April, 7.30pm
  4. SIOBHAN – Sat 18 April, 7.30pm
  5. CLEMMY – Sun 19 April, 7.30pm

Once a monologue has been made available, it can be watched on demand free of charge until 9pm on Sat 2 May.

Please note that all times referred to in this release are BST.

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