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24 Royal Terrace Hotel, Edinburgh

What do you do when you run out of space for your collection of contemporary art? Why, you buy the most beautiful Georgian townhouse, modernise it and turn it into a stunning boutique hotel.

That’s exactly how 24 Royal Terrace came in to being, so now guests can enjoy luxurious accommodation with that added touch of an ever changing art collection.

Visit www.24royalterrace.co.uk


Get £5 discount per night, giving you the best rate available!

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Jim Haynes

Sunday Dinner in Paris with Jim HaynesWe love the amazing Jim Haynes who we are lucky to have known for many years.

Jim throws regular Sunday night dinner parties when he's at home in Paris, to which you can invite yourself.

Yes. Invite yourself to Dinner in Paris, and meet scores of interesting, amazing people, all curious to meet new people just like you. You just call or email in advance to book.

As featured in scores of newspapers, magazines and TV features all over the world. And as featured in the documentary film which had its world premiere at the Edinburgh International Film Festival  'Meeting Jim'.

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David Petherick

Doctor LinkedIn David Petherick

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