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An Edinburgh Christmas Carol

Edinburgh Christmas-Carol: Crawford Logan and Grant O'Rourke. Photo by Mihaela Bodlovic

Scrooge in Edinburgh is at the heart of this delightful Christmas story, with Greyfriars Bobby meeting Tiny Tim in a perfectly pitched seasonal romp. This production is of course designed to be enjoyed by children, and judging from the hearty chuckles and giggles issuing from the stalls throughout, it certainly hit its mark. At one…

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Barber Shop Chronicles

Barber Shop Chronicles at Lyceum Theatre (c) Marc Brenner

This is a production full of energy, passion and joy set to a riotously enjoyable soundtrack. I strongly advise getting to the show early, as you’ll find cast members roaming around the auditorium greeting and shaking hands with everyone. You get to hang out with the cast while the DJ spins up a series of…

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The Panopticon

The Panopticon

A stunning central performance, superb casting and a striking, minimalist set combine to make this seminal 2012 novel come alive on stage. This is powerful, visceral, and shocking. Anais Hendricks (Anna Russel-Martin) is a 15-year-old girl who has been locked in to the ‘care system’ since birth, and has now been transferred to the Panopticon,…

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This is the first time that Solaris has been brought to the stage, and David Greig’s treatment based on the novel by Stanisław Lem is stunning, fresh and resonant. Science fiction allows for rules to be broken and conventions to be usurped, and this production certainly defies the norm, and any expectations you may bring…

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Robert the Bruce

This is not the story of a man who has been defeated in war coming back with a sword in his hand. This is the story of a family broken apart by war coming together with love in its heart. This beautifully woven piece of cinema is captured with ravishing photography by John Garret, and…

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The Duchess [of Malfi]

Adam Best as Bosola and Kirsty Stuart as The Duchess. Photo: Mihaela Bodlovic

This finely-staged drama is a visceral exploration of male violence and oppression, at once gripping, terrifying and mesmerising. A purposely nervous but soulful song starts the action in a stark, stripped back setting, and Kirsty Stuart quietly asserts both her power and her fragility from the start. Based on John Webster’s Jacobean revenge tragedy, The…

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The Magic Flute

The Magic Flute by Scottish Opera. Photo: James Glossop.

Mozart’s classic ‘Singspiel’ The Magic Flute is a ravishing, glittering success. If you are new to Opera, this is probably one of the best ways to get an introduction, and this production will delight and surprise even the most seasoned opera fan. It’s in the form of what was known as a ‘Singspiel’ – telling…

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Local Hero

Local Hero at Lyceum Theatre Edinburgh

It’s a big risk to take such an iconic, well-loved Scottish film and turn it into a stage musical. But Local Hero at The Lyceum is a triumphant, joyous and uplifting success. From the start, sparse, simple staging and subtle washes of light create an intimate, evocative atmosphere, with earthy humour and a distinctly Scottish…

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Kátya Kabanová

Laura Wilde (Kátya Kabanová) and Ric Furman (Boris Grigoyevich) in Kátya Kabanová. Scottish Opera 2019. Photo: James Glossop

Scottish Opera seems to have caught the zeitgeist with this production, which is one of three Kátya Kabanovás running in the UK at the beginning of this year, with Opera North and Covent Garden also joining in the Katyamania. But, even without seeing the others, I can be confident in saying that this looks very…

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Touching the Void

Touching the Void, Lyceum Theatre Edinburgh

I can recall many theatre performances. But I can only once recall seeing anything quite as accomplished,  astonishing and as well crafted as Touching the Void.* Story. Dialogue. Characters. Lighting. Sound. Set. Props. Movement. Music. All fused together to provide a jaw dropping spectacle that was an immersive and complete work of art. I was…

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