Jo Caulfield Edinburgh Festival 2018

Jo Caulfield: Killing Time

Jo Caulfield walks on to stage, sizes up the audience in moments, and proceeds to question, mock and taunt them.

The venue offers a welcoming bar at the side of the room, and is packed out even this early on in the run - early booking would definitely be prudent to make sure you catch this gem.

What's clear from the moment she walks on to stage is that she is a genius at her craft - the laughs come fast and repeatedly, and her dry, cutting wit effortlessly encompasses the audience's dress sense, places of origin, and assumed sexual proclivities into her material.

Jo admits early on that there's no 'theme' to the show - it's just what she's observed since last year in Edinburgh. But what she observes are fantastically insightful glimpses into human behaviour, and although there is a caustic, wicked sense of humour at work, constantly critical of both male and female stupidity, there is a genuine human warmth in her view of the world.

A highlight is her reworking of a porn script from a male-centric fantasy to a female story: it's pure comic gold. She also has a simple and invaluable tip for keeping your husband out of the house for a few hours. Her timing, observation and economy of language are all amazing: it always feels as if her mischievous thoughts are just popping into her head.

You come away thoroughly entertained, smiling and recalling superb put-downs and one-liners. This is surely the perfect Edinburgh Fringe comedy show.

★★★★★ 5 Stars

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Stand Comedy Club 3&4 (Venue 12)
Aug 5-12, 14-19, 21-26 7:40pm (1 hr) £9-£10

Jo Caulfield: Killing Time




Plus +

  • Razor Sharp
  • Flawless Timing
  • Audience Engagement

Minus -

  • Front Row Occupants will be mocked

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