Jo Caulfield

Older Wiser Smarter Meaner

Hilarious, witty and intelligent Jo Caulfield keeps the audience laughing throughout her whole show, with her charismatic sense of humour and priceless stories about friends. This will make you remember all of your friends’ annoying habits and personality traits.

The show flows so smoothly, without a moment of hesitation, as Jo never fails to make the audience laugh. Time will fly by as Jo swiftly moves from one subject to the next with no sudden changes or pauses.

There is a mass of relatable content: couple envy, bad names (Keith gets slaughtered) and awful dinner parties. She so often leads a story one way, then shocks the audience with a one liner that simply blows us all away with her brilliant wit and brutally honest character.

On the night that was apparently the most quiet of nights in terms of the audience size, having sold out regularly, I can confirm that the room was overflowing with laughter.

The occasional and daring audience participation is always a bold step for a comedian to take but Jo nailed it and was able to make the audience involved hilariously.

This comedy show is definitely worth seeing before the festival ends. I don’t doubt that Jo will be back at the fringe in future years with more stories to tell.

5 stars

About Angelica Petherick

Angie (Angelica) Petherick is a student studying Film and English at Napier University, and is from, and based in, Edinburgh. She performed in a two-week 5-star professional stage production in 2016, has sold several of her paintings, and works as a volunteer for Shelter.

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