Twittering about The Edinburgh Festival as of December 22, 2012

1robbiemclellan: @EddieIfft when you talk about sending Jason to Europe. Does that include Scotland ? Why not send him to Edinburgh festival?#talkinshithead
2012-12-22 13:25:49 · Reply · View
thinkpad_00: Abundance of #drama in the Edinburgh festival Aug 2012… #EdFringe
2012-12-22 13:20:30 · Reply · View
PaEnGeNg: Dubstep Beatbox @ Edinburgh Festival: via @youtube
2012-12-22 08:29:36 · Reply · View
boycebabe: @TheChrisKeenan Are you doing the Edinburgh festival this year.
2012-12-22 02:59:10 · Reply · View
theplaguedoc: @adamhillscomedy Will you be at Edinburgh festival again?
2012-12-22 02:09:36 · Reply · View
TinaFotherby: @BrookeWaddle Thank you ! Your show at the Edinburgh Festival was Brill ! Amazing and dazzling !
2012-12-22 00:42:04 · Reply · View
TinaFotherby: #FF @BrookeWaddle You were amazing at the Edinburgh Festival ! Hope all is well !
2012-12-22 00:32:20 · Reply · View
MichaelKelly66: @JamieBatho ayee his practical jokes at the edinburgh festival with the lettuce sounds hilarious!
2012-12-21 23:36:43 · Reply · View
Mike14793478: @watsoncomedian saw you about 5 yrs ago at Edinburgh festival. To this day it’s still my favourite stand up act. The double decker joke 😀
2012-12-21 23:05:04 · Reply · View
JulesDavisda1st: Just watching Graham Norton Show this had me in stitches. The story of billy at the Edinburgh festival haha
2012-12-21 23:02:13 · Reply · View
oscarmarkham_: A remember a met Stephen k Amos at Edinburgh festival last year and a thought he was that oatis guy from gadget show hahaha
2012-12-21 21:51:13 · Reply · View
Callum_TH: @ryelki @TJPoynton reminder that no Scot has ever been in charge of the Edinburgh festival
2012-12-21 21:19:03 · Reply · View
edinburghfest: [Edinburgh] Twittering about The Edinburgh Festival as of December 21, 2012: ReelscapeFilms: The Edinburgh Festi…
2012-12-21 18:44:13 · Reply · View
SamsonHawkins: It is Edinburgh Festival Fringe, not Edinburgh Fringe Festival. It has fuck all to do with hair on your forehead.
2012-12-21 15:40:10 · Reply · View

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