Twittering about The Edinburgh Festival as of October 16, 2012

CareersUCC: RT @CDCstirling: “Web Content Manager Vacancy @ The Edinburgh Festival Fringe (Edinburgh)”
2012-10-16 12:39:45 · Reply · View
AutumnRiot: @XXDevonx @danisnotonfire @AmazingPhil so yeah you have to play Innuendo Bingo with us at Edinburgh Festival next year (>^-^)>
2012-10-16 11:51:11 · Reply · View
MatRicardo: @realmickfoley spring or autumn probably better – avoids edinburgh festival
2012-10-16 10:59:41 · Reply · View
alnedjari: @Handspringcc Tweet responses to my workshops conducted in Manchester yesterday and at this year’s Edinburgh Festival.
2012-10-16 10:49:50 · Reply · View
XXDevonx: @AutumnRiot @danisnotonfire @AmazingPhil see! So yeah, you need to come to the edinburgh festival
2012-10-16 10:41:48 · Reply · View
AutumnRiot: @XXDevonx @danisnotonfire @AmazingPhil YES!! If you want the pancake mix and whisk then you have to go to Edinburgh Festival again!!
2012-10-16 10:38:20 · Reply · View
AutumnRiot: If @danisnotonfire and @AmazingPhil aren’t at Edinburgh Festival next year I’m pretty sure I will cry
2012-10-16 10:33:23 · Reply · View
WikiPlays: I uploaded a @YouTube video Edinburgh Festival Fringe – Wiki Article
2012-10-16 10:20:02 · Reply · View
garempot: waken now acoustic remix sepia video ….,…. Edinburgh festival footage: via @youtube
2012-10-16 08:08:16 · Reply · View
garempot: My Doppelganger, make that day……………… Edinburgh festival fest…: via @youtube
2012-10-16 08:05:32 · Reply · View
Matthew_C_Green: If Scotland breaks from the UK, will the Edinburgh Festival cost more for English or Welsh artists to perform in?
2012-10-16 06:10:56 · Reply · View
Charlesfrize: Home | Edinburgh Festival Fringe
2012-10-16 04:33:42 · Reply · View
WikiPlays: I uploaded a @YouTube video Edinburgh Festival – Wiki Article
2012-10-15 17:52:18 · Reply · View
easyHotelPSW: International Storytelling Festival – Edinburgh Festival Guide
2012-10-15 15:41:53 · Reply · View
edinburghfest: [Edinburgh] Twittering about The Edinburgh Festival as of October 15, 2012: politics_hta: #bbcdp If Scotland cle…
2012-10-15 14:21:47 · Reply · View
astrostarfi: @Lol58Milne believe it or not, I have never been to Edinburgh festival. Always meant to go. No it doesn’t change much.
2012-10-15 14:14:29 · Reply · View

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