Bakersfield Mist – Arkle Theatre

Bakersfield Mist

Maude Gutman is an unemployed ex-barmaid who lives in a trailer park. Lionel Percy is a former director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art who works for an art foundation to authenticate disputed works of art. Think for a moment about your first assumptions about those two characters. Then imagine them thrown together. This is…

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Much Ado About Nothing – Arkle Theatre

Much Ado about Nothing

All the boys are dressed as girls, and all the girls are dressed as boys. This is the first surprise from Arkle Theatre – they bend the gender of every member of the cast to add a twist to this Shakespeare classic, which was in its day controversial for challenging accepted gender stereotypes. The venue…

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Edith in the Dark – Harrogate Theatre

Edith in the Dark

A mixture of horror and hilarity, this deft and superbly acted piece balances humour and dark terror, with superb acting of multiple characters from all of the actors. The background to the piece surrounds children’s author E Nesbit, best known for The Railway Children, and reveals that not only does she write bleak and terrifying…

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Invisible City – Nova

Invisible City

When a girl’s conversation with a lemon makes you smile, you know you’re both seeing an unusual show, and one that’s performed with virtuoso skill and panache. Physical theatre is a terribly broad label, and it’s normally not a category that lights my fire. But I was surprised and delighted by this show. Invisible City…

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Tiffany Stevenson: Mad Man

Tiffany Stevenson - Mad Man

  God help you if one day Tiffany Stevenson decides to mock you. Her voice, whether it’s making Jack Daniels disappear the less acceptable aspects of the Deep South, it’s imitating Australian hipsters, or it’s mocking Jennifer Lopez’s ass-poking video antics, she absolutely nails the intonation, timing and tone. She appears onstage in a shocking…

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Viv Groskop: Say Sorry to the Lady

Groskop - at the top of her comedy game

Aug 7-16, 18-30, 20:20 at The Stand 4 (Venue 12) Book Online: It’s not often you start a review with a story about what happened after the show, but I will here. As I was standing in the corridor after this show, waiting for my friends to join me upstairs at the bar for…

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Viv Groskop: Say Sorry to the Lady (Preview)

Viv Groskop. Say Sorry to the Lady.

Preview at The Stand Comedy Club, 30-Jun-2015 Edinburgh Festival Dates: Aug 5, 7-16, 18-30, Stand 3&4 (Venue 12) Book Online: Fringe show previews can be perilous for performer and audience alike. As an audience, we’re pleased to be getting a sneak preview, but we know that the performance might not be polished and complete. For…

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Reduced accommodation rates for performers at Edinburgh Festival

Comfortable central and affordable Edinburgh Festival accommodation

Festival Accommodation in Edinburgh at reduced rates Special reductions for groups and performers We are pleased to announce that we are offering accommodation at preferential rates for Edinburgh Festival groups and performers through our partnership with Edinburgh Room Rentals. Booking through this site will automatically offer you preferential reduced rates as well as a reduced…

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Ennio Marchetto: Pure delight

Ennio Marchetto as Eminem

Ennio Marchetto Pleasance Courtyard (Venue 33), The Pleasance 22:30, July 30 – Aug 10, Aug 12-15 WATCHING JESUS CHRIST morph into Conchita Wurst is a thing you won’t easily forget. And a panda turning into Alex Salmond is also quite an arresting site. Set all this to music with slick lighting, a bang-on follow spot, tight-as-a-drum switches…

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Twitter Review: Alan Bissett – The Red Hourglass

@AlanBissett – The Red Hourglass ‘Amazing, allegorical, astute, adept, and arachnophobic.’ – 5*. Book at

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