Viv Groskop: Say Sorry to the Lady

Groskop - at the top of her comedy game

Aug 7-16, 18-30, 20:20 at The Stand 4 (Venue 12) Book Online: It’s not often you start a review with a story about what happened after the show, but I will here. As I was standing in the corridor after this show, waiting for my friends to join me upstairs at the bar for…

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Viv Groskop: Say Sorry to the Lady (Preview)

Viv Groskop. Say Sorry to the Lady.

Preview at The Stand Comedy Club, 30-Jun-2015 Edinburgh Festival Dates: Aug 5, 7-16, 18-30, Stand 3&4 (Venue 12) Book Online: Fringe show previews can be perilous for performer and audience alike. As an audience, we’re pleased to be getting a sneak preview, but we know that the performance might not be polished and complete. For…

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