Twittering about The Edinburgh Festival as of March 1, 2013

Under_studies: We’re on this great edinburgh festival fringe compilation with some fantastic bands, go get it!
2013-03-01 12:54:08 · Reply · View
juicyformats: #jobs #mediajobs Media Manager – Edinburgh Festival Fringe – £400-500/week:
2013-03-01 11:53:06 · Reply · View
petefirman: Just figured out the photo concept for this year’s Edinburgh Festival poster.
2013-03-01 11:31:14 · Reply · View
byHurlyBurly: @NationalTheatre @ntSHED Still trembling from seeing Bullet Catch at the Edinburgh Festival 2012 – ingenious show!
2013-03-01 11:01:35 · Reply · View
perthcottage: @iknowdavecrowe Hi dave when are you next performing in Scotland? Are you at the Edinburgh festival?
2013-03-01 09:11:06 · Reply · View
thinkpad_00: Reviews from in Edinburgh festival Aug 2011… #EdFringe
2013-03-01 07:25:29 · Reply · View
uk_: Edinburgh Festival Fringe Guide
2013-03-01 01:27:25 · Reply · View
sbrown87: @SarahMillican75 @livetheatre brilliant show. Saw many people do this during the Edinburgh Festival 2011.
2013-02-28 23:39:57 · Reply · View
JustAddSmirnoff: @axisofawesome Are u playing Edinburgh Festival this year?
2013-02-28 23:35:28 · Reply · View
ShogunSkilling: @lilitarvahi @postalpoet well am in Scotland so if u ever get to the Edinburgh festival I’ll come to your show
2013-02-28 23:13:20 · Reply · View
Random_is_King: Bumped into Neil Hamilton and his wife late one Edinburgh Festival night. They were right up for a party until I mentioned Louis Theroux.
2013-02-28 23:00:32 · Reply · View
Babycare7: Taking advantage of Edinburgh festival rentals
2013-02-28 22:48:47 · Reply · View
nikrabinowitz: RT @NykomaHamilton will you be at the Edinburgh festival?

In 2014, insha’allah.

2013-02-28 21:01:20 · Reply · View
NykomaHamilton: @nikrabinowitz will you be at the Edinburgh festival?
2013-02-28 21:00:33 · Reply · View
Auto1Guide: Taking advantage of Edinburgh festival rentals
2013-02-28 20:09:00 · Reply · View
edinburghfest: RT @martinbigpigmor: F**k me its time to submit show details for the Edinburgh Festival already! ^DP
2013-02-28 19:11:18 · Reply · View
tracygriffen: Volunteer for the Edinburgh Festival of Cycling and be appreciated!
2013-02-28 17:17:22 · Reply · View
BridgeQuiz: Knowing some of the funniest fringe jokes from the Edinburgh Festival over the last few years might be a good idea 😉 x
2013-02-28 17:01:20 · Reply · View
Jimmacdonald55: @Scotty_Hottie_ comedian! Have you thought about doing the Edinburgh festival?
2013-02-28 16:25:07 · Reply · View
kiwisintheUK: If you are going to Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society in August,why not get paid for being there.
The manager…
2013-02-28 16:17:38 · Reply · View
iainmcdonald10: Happy days my 8 year old daughter just landed a part in the great gatsby in edinburgh festival theatre at the end of march #prouddad
2013-02-28 15:58:42 · Reply · View
ChelseaBrucexo: @danisnotonfire are you going to the edinburgh festival again this year :)?x
2013-02-28 15:57:29 · Reply · View
Martinbigpigmor: Fuck me its time to submit show details for the Edinburgh Festival already!
2013-02-28 15:36:19 · Reply · View
scoopah: @BRONNINATOR hahaha sweet. yeah u gotta come here for Edinburgh festival. heard its brilliant
2013-02-28 15:03:13 · Reply · View
fiona_90: @AdamBuxton Saw Bug at the Edinburgh festival, loved it. In London in first week of July, is Bug gonna on be at the BFI?
2013-02-28 14:26:50 · Reply · View
edinburghfest: [Edinburgh] Twittering about The Edinburgh Festival as of February 28, 2013: edfoc: Want to be a part of The E…
2013-02-28 13:57:21 · Reply · View

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