The hour we knew nothing of each other

(L-R) David Hunter and Cecile Menard in The Hour We Knew Nothing of Each Other. Photo: Aly Wight

This was almost absurd in its ambition: nearly 100 members of the Edinburgh public play almost 500 parts, with dazzling costumes, and often bizarre props, and for 90 minutes, nobody speaks a word. It was a dadaesque town square with a succession of movements in and out and a variety of characters from the everyday…

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The Artist as Explorer

Richard Dmearco and Aletia Upstairs

When I last met Richard Demarco, he was talking about retiring, stepping back from the gesamtkunstwerk which is his life and persona. He said ‘…there were no more five year plans.’ Of course this was a rueful reflection on his unique contribution, not only to to the arts in Edinburgh, but his advocacy of the…

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(More) Moira Monologues

Alan Bissett in More Moira Monologues

Ye dinnae huv to be fae Fawkirk to pish your pants at this yin. If you don’t get that sentence, you could struggle with the dialect in this show. But not much. It’s Lowland Scots, Falkirkus Hallglenia Vulgaris variety. But there were Canadians in the audience who, although they admitted it took them a while…

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Literary Death Match

This is not an ordinary Fringe show. Four writers read their own work for five minutes or less, and are then judged by three all-star Judges. Two finalists are chosen to compete in the Literary Death Match finale, a vaguely-literary game to decide the ultimate winner. And there’s of course a different line-up every night.…

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Invisible City – Nova

Invisible City

When a girl’s conversation with a lemon makes you smile, you know you’re both seeing an unusual show, and one that’s performed with virtuoso skill and panache. Physical theatre is a terribly broad label, and it’s normally not a category that lights my fire. But I was surprised and delighted by this show. Invisible City…

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Ennio Marchetto: Pure delight

Ennio Marchetto as Eminem

Ennio Marchetto Pleasance Courtyard (Venue 33), The Pleasance 22:30, July 30 – Aug 10, Aug 12-15 WATCHING JESUS CHRIST morph into Conchita Wurst is a thing you won’t easily forget. And a panda turning into Alex Salmond is also quite an arresting site. Set all this to music with slick lighting, a bang-on follow spot, tight-as-a-drum switches…

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