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Edinburgh, Scotland's Capital, knew that its road to recovery in 1947 in a Europe ravaged by of the Second World War, would not take place without recognising the city and the country's place in European and World History. Thus the Edinburgh International Festival was born. Even at its first running, there was a Fringe - unofficial, uninvited artists and performers came to Edinburgh to show the world their talents.

Over 70 years later, and the rest, as they say, is history. Here, we celebrate Edinburgh and Scotland's role as a cultural icon for the world in the arts and in culture, and like the Festivals, work to showcase the Scots as the most hospitable and welcoming people in the world, living in the most beautiful city in the world. This is not just an August, but year-round backdrop to some of the world's most innovative and exciting performers. is proudly unofficial, unfunded and independent.

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